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Instruction & Seminars

Teimoc and Rigan Machado
Teimoc and Rigan Machado
With a lifetime of experience as a student, a teacher, and a competitor in judo, jiu jitsu, and sombo, Teimoc has a diverse and unique perspective on martial arts training.

Teimoc's Thoughts on Training

" I am a strong proponent of training fundamentals. I advocate muscle memory through repetition as a way of building a solid and functional base."

"Judo is an excellent way to learn a practical method of self-defense and relieve stress, while improving your overall health in the process. Fitness is a wonderful byproduct of the training. I consider Judo a means to a healthy lifestyle and my personal fountain of youth."

"Judo is an invaluable addition to any combat sport."


Description When Where
Olympic Judo Monday, 7:30pm Five Points Academy
Submission Grappling Tuesday, 7:30pm Five Points Academy
Judo (instructed by Kevin McGrath) Wednesday, 7:30pm Five Points Academy
Submission Grappling Thursday, 7:30pm Five Points Academy
Olympic Judo Friday, 7:30pm Five Points Academy


Olympic Judo Seminars are for schools and students of all disciplines as well as existing Judo schools looking to supplement their training.

Alisher Mukhtarov,
Assistant Instructor, 2x Olympian
Assistant Instructor, Alisher Mukhtarov 2 X Olympic medalist.

Private Instruction

Accelerated instruction and learning. The first step is determining your goal(s). Next I (along with my assistant coaches) assess your strengths and weaknesses. Using personalized evaluation as a blueprint, we devise strategies that will guide you in achieving your full potential. More specifically we tailor the curriculum to your natural ability, body type, and skill level. Finally the real fun begins and we train! We practice in a safe and controlled environment so you can relax and have fun!